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Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide.

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adsl acties
Mobile Prepayment Outside Included Value: All TPG services are prepaid. You must pay the monthly recurring charges in advance. In addition, you must make a prepayment for usage that is not within the included value (if any) for the plan that you have acquired.

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Acties Domeinen registreren Verhuis je domein Winkelwagen bekijken ADSL Internet ADSL Internet AFFORDABLE RELIABLE ADSL 2mbps Premium uncapped. R486.00 /mnd

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ADSL 8,192kbps/384kbps speed: This is the fastest speed you can get on an ADSL1 connection. Comparable to ADSL 2 speeds, you will have to pay a premium price, but if ADSL2+ isn’t currently available in your area and speed is important to you, this will be your best option.

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adsl acties
Hi, I have got the belgacom adsl connection two months ago. During the day (8AM-8PM) my computer is loosing connection every 5-15 minutes which is qui

Asymmetric digital subscriber line - Wikipedia

EU Aid volunteers initiative: Prior information notice of a future call for tenders for training services for candidate volunteers . Prior Information Notice: all EU languages are available at the following address on the Official Journal of the European Union supplement (OJ/S).

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Draytek heeft voor zijn Vigor 2860-routers nieuwe firmware uitgebracht. Deze vdsl2/adsl2+-routers beschikken over één gigabit-ethernetwanpoort en zes gigabit-ethernetlanpoorten.

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Fiber Nederland is the fastest growing 100% Dutch en independent provider of internet, tv and calling. We are a young organization and free of external investors so we can make our own choices. We are a young organization and free of external investors so we can make our own choices.

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Thats the wrong thing, thats for cable and useless to connect to when you use a phone line (adsl/vdsl) You need to locate your ISRA point, its in the closet where the electricity gas and water meters are placed or in your living room.

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adsl acties
ADSL+2 is an extension to ADSL broadband technology that provides subscribers with significantly faster download speeds when compared to traditional ADSL connections.

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adsl acties
BroadConnect is a leading provider of High Speed ADSL & VDSL Internet solutions for Internet phone systems at Canadian businesses. Our ADSL & VDSL Internet services are fully scalable allowing your company to add additional bandwidth, quickly and affordably.

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Having trouble selecting the right ADSL2+ Broadband Plan? See our most popular ADSL2+ Broadband Plans chosen on our site over the last 7 days. OR use our interactive comparison tools to …

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adsl acties
Also see Fast Guide to DSL. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses.

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