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Forerunner of the Empire is expensive at 4 mana, but in a pinch, when you have no creatures, he can go digging for one when he’s played, plus every time you play a Dino, you can deal 1 damage to all creatures. That’s just one more fun way to get this deck’s combo up and going.
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What creatures across all sets and expansions have the ability to inflict direct damage, à la Prodigal Sorcerer? Are there any Enchant Creature spells that have target creature gain "Tap to do 1 d
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At a basic level: 1. Creatures attack. 2. Creatures block the attacking creatures. 3. All creatures involved deal damage. To elaborate more: The combat phase comes after the first main phase and is followed by the second main phase of each turn, a
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You prevent all damage to that target creature but the rest of the damage assigned to other creatures isnt prevented. In the middle of rule 510.1c it says that the attacker does not have to take into account any abilities that change the amount of damage actually dealt.
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Roll a six-sided die. Strategy, Schmategy has the indicated effect. 1 — Do nothing. 2 — Destroy all artifacts. 3 — Destroy all lands. 4 — Strategy, Schmategy …
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The Reckoner will deal 13 damage, because Blasphemous Act dealt 13 damage to it. The creatures toughness does not affect the amount of damage a creature, spell, or ability deals. The creatures toughness does not affect the amount of damage a creature, spell, or ability deals.
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Creatures with Wither deal damage as -1/-1 counters instead of usual damage. So in the case of a creature with Power 3 and Wither, instead of dealing 3 damage to another creature, it will place
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From the Comprehensive Rules (Ravnica Allegiance (January 25, 2019)) 119. Damage. 119.1. Objects can deal damage to creatures, planeswalkers, and players.
It could hit two, it could hit all the opponents creatures, or it could hit all creatures. Most of the effects of this kind tend to be done at uncommon and higher rarities. The few exceptions are effects that deal 1 damage to the subset and effects that just hit two targets.

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